Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Love of perfume

How to tell strengths

Parfum - most potent

Eau De Parfum (EDP) second most potent

Eau De Toilette (EDT) less potent

Cologne contains the smallest amount of fragrance


Store perfume in places away from direct light, heat and humidity, and where they won’t get moved around too much.  My experience has been that perfume will last indefinitely if stored correctly.

How to select

Most perfumes are either floral, oriental, woody or citrusy.

Spray the fragrance on a card before trying it on your skin.

Don’t try too many new scents at once.  Spray one on each wrist.

The base notes emerge during the course of the day, and that is the scent you will have to live with.  Always try a fragrance overnight before splashing out, no matter how tempting.

Resist buying fragrance because you love it on a friend.  It may smell totally different on you.

Once you have made a choice, do some market research.  Online retailers such as StrawberryNet often have big discounts.

(Published Sunday magazine - Sunday Star Times - October 18th 2015)

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